Aussie/American Barn Style Sheds

The American barn style shed has become a popular choice on the Australian Rural Landscape that is best for all farming activities and also has inspired many to adapt this style of farm shed into the perfect rural lifestyle home.

Create your dream barn shed

At Aussie Shed Kits, each and every barn shed kit we produce has been tailor-made to the exact needs and specifications of our clients. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, rather we design barn shed kits exclusively to your preferences.

For example, if regulating the temperature of your barn is important we can provide insulation in addition to other design features such as roller doors, windows and mezzanine floors.

Weather in Australia can be unpredictable. To make sure our barn sheds can withstand harsh weather conditions we only use 100% structural steel and Colorbond steel products. This ensures, once assembled, your farm shed will be a stable structure that retains a like-new appearance for many years.

We are confident in the durability of our designs and offer a long warranty on all of our barn kits.

Barn style sheds in Australia

Whether you require a rustic barn shed to store agricultural equipment or a modern farm shed to keep livestock, we can provide the barn design services you need. Our team have over 40 years of experience designing farm sheds so no design idea is too big or challenging for us to handle.

We have partnerships with multiple major national suppliers to ensure we can offer our services to both commercial and domestic clients across Australia.

All of our plans for barn sheds are council-approved to ensure you can erect your barn kit without any hassle from local authorities.

Why trust our team?

At Aussie Shed Kits, we operate with the ethos that whatever your dream barn shed may be, we have a solution for you. We carefully listen to your needs and style preferences to create a barn shed design that is bespoke to you. We can even connect you with quality local builders to ensure the construction of your kit is simple and straightforward.

As our designs are site-specific, we will ensure to utilise the space you have available for a farm shed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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